BOSCH 18V Starter Kit

Bosch SKU: GXS18V-12N14
BOSCH 18V Starter Kit - Battery & Battery Charger

BOSCH 18V Starter Kit

Bosch SKU: GXS18V-12N14
Model Number: BOSGXS18V12N14
Regular Price $199.99

This 18V Starter Kit is the ideal solution to reducing downtime and increasing productivity for users tackling the most demanding and brutal applications. It includes an 8 Ah High Power Battery, which delivers 50% more runtime and over 75% more power than the CORE18V® 4 Ah battery, powering high-demand applications. The GBA18V80 features two layers of enhanced 21700 cells for greater battery efficiency. The battery has Bosch-exclusive CoolPack™ 2.0 Technology, which cools the battery faster and helps provide longer lifetime compared to Bosch 18V batteries without CoolPack™ 2.0. Its cutting-edge battery design offers increased efficiency, and it weighs only 2.14 Lbs. This battery is compatible with Bosch 18V tools and optimized to drive Bosch PROFACTOR™ tools with BITURBO Brushless™ Technology. It's compatible with Bosch 18V chargers and the AMPShare™ System. The Bosch BC1880 18V Fast Battery Charger delivers at least 40% faster charging than Bosch standard 18V Chargers with CORE18V® 6 Ah battery. It gets users power ready faster with dual-mode charging. The 8-Amp charging current delivers 4x the charging current vs. the GAL18V-20 standard charger. It features regulated dual-mode charge – the first 80% of the charging is very fast, while the remaining 20% is in long-life mode.

  • High Power Battery is ideal balance of size, weight and power.
  • Compatible with Bosch 18V tools; optimized for PROFACTOR™ tools.
  • Fast charging design delivers at least 40% faster charging.




Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery Watt Hours 144.0Wh
Height in 2.7"
Length in 4.6"
Width in 3.0"
Works With Charger Compatibility
All Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries, including the GBA18V120 12 Ah High Power Battery
Includes (1) GBA18V80 18V CORE18V® Lithium-Ion 8 Ah High Power Battery, (1) BC1880 18V Lithium-Ion Fast Battery Charger

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