SHAPER Essential Collet Kit

Shaper SKU: SG1-5CD
SHAPER Essential Collet Kit

SHAPER Essential Collet Kit

Shaper SKU: SG1-5CD
Model Number: SHTSG15CD
Regular Price $195.00

Don't let collet and cutter mismatches hold you back! Shaper's complete collet kit includes all basic collet increments in imperial and metric measurements up to 1/4" and 8 mm, respectively. Every project starts with the right cutter and a collet that's designed to accommodate it. Don't rely on after-market adaptors or approximations that can jeopardize your cut quality, cutter and project. Each collet set includes a Shaper Micro-Systainer with customized foam insert to protect and store your collets.

Accepts cutters with 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 1/8", and 1/4" shanks.

Compatible with Origin's SM1 spindle.

The complete collet kit includes:

  • 3 mm collet
  • 6 mm collet
  • 8 mm collet
  • 1/8" collet
  • 1/4" collet
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