SAWSTOP Folding Outfeed Table

SAWSTOP Folding Outfeed Table

SAWSTOP Folding Outfeed Table

Model Number: SAWTSAFOT
Regular Price $429.00

Increased flexibility for your workspace.

Engineered from steel for maximum carrying capacity, the outfeed table is sized to match the width of your cast iron table and wings. The table is designed for easy adjustability and maximum glide, with strategically-placed rollers for smooth operation. Compatible with all SawStop Cast Iron Table Saw mobile bases, the Folding Outfeed Table quickly stows for an easy move.

  • Powder Coated Steel Construction.
  • Stamped Steel Support Plate.
  • Three Roller Bars.
  • 250lb. Capacity.
  • Adjustable Feet.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction - The outfeed table is made from powder coated steel with a stamped steel support plate and steel support legs to accommodate materials up to 250 lbs. The 3 strategically-placed roller bars ensure smooth operation.
  • Adaptability - Configure the outfeed table to match the width of your cast iron table and wings, even if you’ve removed a wing for a sliding table. Compatible with all Industrial Cabinet Saw & Professional Cabinet Saw mobile bases.
  • Efficiency - Limit the footprint in your shop by quickly folding the table and stowing it against the back of the cabinet. To maximize the space in your shop even further, accompany this table with the Industrial Cabinet Saw or Professional Cabinet Saw mobile base.
  • Additional Options - The outfeed table can be set up with 4 additional roller bars for added glide during operation. These roller bars are sold separately through the SawStop Parts Store.
  • Compatible with ICS/PCS.