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EDWARDS Shearing Productivity Pack

by Edwards
SKU AC2600

Model Number: EDWAC2600

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Introducing our productivity packs designed to revolutionize your ironworker performance. With a focus on flexibility, productivity, and performance, these packs are the ultimate solution for enhancing your overall efficiency.Achieve unmatched flexibility with our productivity packs, specifically designed to optimize your productivity on both the Flat Bar Shear and Angle Shear Workstations of your Edwards Ironworker. The inclusion of a positive stop attachment on both the Back Gauge and Auto Cut ensures accurate shearing up to 48 inches, providing you with precise and consistent results.Boost your productivity with our cutting-edge features. The 48" Back Gauge offers an adjustable stop, allowing you to speed up production on repeatable cuts. Moreover, the 48" Auto Cut takes your productivity to new heights by employing an adjustable proximity sensor that automatically cycles your Ironworker as you feed in material. Say goodbye to manual operations and hello to seamless efficiency.Experience top-notch performance with our productivity packs. Crafted from durable steel, these packs are built to last, ensuring longevity and reliability. The 12" and 18" fence guides are easily adjustable, allowing you to align your material effortlessly. With precise and repeatable operations made simple, you can maximize your performance and achieve exceptional results.Upgrade your ironworker and unlock its full potential with our productivity packs. Harness the power of flexibility, supercharge your productivity, and witness unparalleled performance. Revolutionize your workflow and take your ironworker capabilities to the next level.

  • Streamline your shearing operations with our Shearing Productivity Pack, featuring a positive stop attachment and adjustable back gauge for accurate and faster production on repeatable cuts.
  • Experience enhanced efficiency and accuracy with automated cycling capabilities provided by the 48" Auto Cut, combined with the fabricator's protractor for precise alignment and improved performance on punch and flat bar shear workstations.

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