BOSCH 2,000' Red-Beam Rotary Laser Receiver

Bosch SKU: LR40
BOSCH 2,000' Red-Beam Rotary Laser Receiver

BOSCH 2,000' Red-Beam Rotary Laser Receiver

Bosch SKU: LR40
Model Number: BOSLR40
Regular Price $319.99

The Bosch LR40 Rotary Laser Receiver is designed to increase the GRL4000-80CH and GRL4000-80CHV rotary laser detection up to 2,000 Ft., with a dual-sided backlit LCD display for use in darker areas or outdoors on both sides of the receiver. It has built-in X and Y-axes buttons that allows for elevation and cut-and-fill calculations in both axes up to ±8.5°. The display illuminated large, easy-to-see indicators, including up/down arrows, center line, accuracy level, battery levels and audio signal. It also has LED indicators, to provide easy visual readout and simple operation. The oversized laser detection area helps find the laser beam faster, making it easier to start setting level. The receiver provides convenience features such as built-in magnets for secure attachment to metal surfaces, an adjustable audio indicator, intuitive six-button keypad, receiver vial, attachment hook and ergonomic soft grip.

  • Extends range of GRL4000-80CH and GRL4000-80CHV up to 2,000 Ft.
  • Dual-sided indicators and oversized detection area.
  • Backlit LCD display illuminates large, easy-to-see indicators.



1 LR40 2,000 Ft. Red-Beam Rotary Laser Receiver
1 Mounting Bracket
2 AA Batteries
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