BOSCH Wall Scanner

Bosch SKU: GMS 120
BOSCH Wall Scanner

BOSCH Wall Scanner

Bosch SKU: GMS 120
Model Number: BOSGMS120
Regular Price $99.99

Bosch wall scanners find magnetic and non-magnetic metals, power cables, wooden substructures or even plastic pipes with maximum reliability and precision.



Max Detection Depth Copper Wiring Up to 2-in
Max Detection Depth Ferrous Metals (Steel) Up to 4-3/4"
Max Detection Depth Non-Ferrous Metals (Copper) Up to 3-1/8" (80mm)
Operating Temperature 14° F / -10° C ~1 22° F / 50° C
Rating 9V
Size in 3.75" x 7.75" x 1.4"
Weight 1.7lb
Includes (1) GMS 120 Wall Scanner, (1) Hand Strap, (1) 9V Battery, (1) Pouch
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