BOSCH Track Saw Rip Fence/Parallel Guide

BOSCH Track Saw Rip Fence/Parallel Guide

BOSCH Track Saw Rip Fence/Parallel Guide

Model Number: BOSGKTPA
Regular Price $79.99

The Bosch GKTPA is a rip fence for the Track Saw, helping to make repetitive, accurate rip cuts. It also eliminates the user’s need to measure and mark the workpiece before each cut. The attachment’s steel and aluminum construction is designed for long life and light weight. The Bosch Track Saw, along with the tracks, can make a more-easily transportable alternative to a table saw to a jobsite. The cuts are table-saw quality, with virtually no splinters. (The GKTPA Rip Fence/Parallel Guide is not used at the same time as the track system is used.)

  • Rip fence for Bosch track saw, delivers fast repetitive rip cuts.
  • Track saw and track system is portable alternative to table saw.
  • Helps eliminate need to measure, mark before repetitive rip cuts.



Height in 1.0"
Length in 12.2"
Material Aluminum and Steel
Weight 1.04lb
Works With Track Saws
GKT13-225, GKT18V-20GC
Includes (1) Rip Fence / Parallel Guide, (1) Mounting Hardware Set
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