BOSCH Travel Stop For Tracks

BOSCH Travel Stop For Tracks

BOSCH Travel Stop For Tracks

Model Number: FESFSNRS
Regular Price $32.99

The Track Travel Stop locks onto Bosch track-saw tracks quickly and precisely to help protect against kick-back during a plunge cut. The Bosch FSNRS is also used for setting a starting point or an end point for one of more plunge cuts. This is part of the Bosch Track Saw and track-guidance system, which allows precise end-to-end cuts and plunge cuts. It is accurate and easy to work with. The track saw, along with the tracks, can make a more-easily transportable alternative to a table saw to a jobsite. The cuts are table-saw quality, with virtually no splinters.

  • Locks on to help prevent backward movement during a plunge cut.
  • Track saw and track system portable alternative to table saw.
  • Provides a precise starting point or end point for plunge cuts.



Material Aluminum
Weight 0.1lb
Works With Tracks
FSN800, FSN800-32, FSN1100, FSN1600, FSN1600-32, FSN2100
Includes (1) Travel Stop for Tracks

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