MAKITA 40V MAX XGT® 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor Kit

Makita SKU: GCV02PMX
MAKITA 40V MAX XGT® 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor Kit

MAKITA 40V MAX XGT® 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor Kit

Makita SKU: GCV02PMX
Model Number: MAKGCV02PMX
Regular Price $1,159.99

There is increasing awareness of dust extraction on job sites, and the 40V max XGT® Brushless 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor with AWS® is a cordless solution for a range of applications. It delivers 148 CFM and 92” water lift for efficient performance. The GCV02 is powered by one 40V XGT battery, but the 2-battery bay will accommodate a second 40V battery for extended run time. It has a variable speed control dial for power run time and management. It features an efficient three-stage HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97% of particulates .3 microns and larger.

The GCV02 is equipped with Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS®), which uses Bluetooth™ technology for wireless power-on/off communication with the AWS-equipped tool. AWS® is intelligent communication that eliminates cords and reduces noise.

The vacuum includes a 1” x 11” anti-static hose and cuff adapters for extended compatibility. Convenience features include four rotating wheels for 360-degree mobility, rear casters with locking levers, and a large rubber bumper to help prevent damage to the work environment. Quick-release metal latches provide easy access for removal and disposal of debris. It features IPX4 weather resistant construction for durability and long life.

XGT® is a system of equipment, tools, batteries, and chargers utilizing 40v max lithium-ion batteries. XGT® is engineered to deliver high power to take on high-demand applications, allowing users to completely transition to a cordless job site. XGT® is equipped with advanced brushless motor engineering, intelligent digital communication, and superior durability features to outpower, outsmart and outlast the rest.

  • OUTPOWER: Over 2X more suction power with 148 CFM and 92" water lift*
  • OUTSMART: Auto-start Wireless System (AWS®) utilizes Bluetooth® technology for wireless power-on/off communication between tool and dust extractor (transmitter sold separately)
  • OUTLAST: 2X more run time with 2 bay battery system
  • Efficient three stage HEPA filtration system captures 99.97% of particulates .3 microns and larger
  • Automatic self-cleaning filter system compresses and expands damper shaking dust from pre-filter maintaining optimal suction and longer filter life
  • Motor chamber constructed of quality sound-absorbing materials for quiet operating sound level of 67 dB(A)
  • Variable speed control dial for a variety of applications
  • Quick-release metal latches for easy removal and disposal of debris from canister
  • 360° mobility with 4 wheels
  • Rear casters feature locking levers to prevent the extractor from moving
  • Large rubber bumper helps prevent damage to the work environment
  • Oversized on-off switch for operator convenience
  • Locking cover for added protection of batteries
  • Equipped with anti-static hose (1" x 11’) and three adapter cuffs (22, 24 and 38 mm) for dust extraction
  • Includes removable attachment for storing hose and accessories on the dust extractor
  • Auto-start Wireless (AWS®) Transmitter sold separately
  • IPX4 weather-resistant construction for durability and long life
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) engineered for improved dust and water resistance
  • The digital communication within XGT® actively monitors and protects against overload, over-discharge and overheating
  • XGT® Tools and Batteries are designed with a multi-layer contact interface for more constant power delivery to take on high-current demands
  • XGT® Batteries feature rigid rails with impact-resistant construction to secure the battery to the tool during high-demand applications
  • The XGT® Rapid Charger with dual-fan design circulates air through the battery to cool the battery and circuit board quickly for faster charging
  • The XGT® Rapid Charger’s digital display indicates battery charge level (-80%, +80%, 100%)
  • The XGT® Rapid Charger’s built-in chip thoroughly communicates during the charging process to control current, voltage, and temperature for more efficient charging
  • Compatible with Makita® 40V max XGT® Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 3-year limited warranty on tool, battery and charger
  • Only use genuine Makita® Batteries and Chargers


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