Concrete Curing Blankets For Wisconsin Winter's Make All The Difference

As those of in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest can attest to, simply because the weather gets colder and snow starts to fly, that doesn’t mean the work can stop. Pouring concrete in cold weather can present a special set of challenges. Concrete needs to dry and cure properly in order to maintain safe levels of strength and integrity, which means it needs to be protected from freezing shortly after pouring. Here is where the concrete blanket comes into play.

According to the American Concrete Institute, concrete is exposed to cold weather conditions whenever the average daily temperature is below 40ºF and the air temperature doesn’t rise above 50ºF for more than half of any 24-hour period. In these conditions, the concrete may be in danger of freezing and the cold weather can interfere with the setting and curing process. If local weather trends indicate you might be facing these conditions as you pour or manage the concrete, you should plan to take precautions against cold weather.

While there are many ways to keep curing concrete at an adequate temperature, concrete blankets are one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to insure you get the results you’re looking for. Along with other concrete supplies, The Power Tool Store & Bay Verte Machinery is proud to offer Grib-Rite concrete curing blankets for those working in the Wisconsin Winters.

Product Features:

  • Grip-Rite concrete curing blankets provide proven jobsite performance in maintaining heat of hydration, particularly during the critical early stages of concrete curing

  • Available in three styles, Grip-Rite is the only blanket on the market with a low 0.87 Perm rating, providing superior vapor block during curing

  • Each blanket individually wrapped in weather resistant poly tarp and secured with banding

  • These blankets stack, ship and store better than any blanket on the market

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