Now Carrying The New Mortairvent - Advanced Rain Screen Solutions

Mortairvent creates a continuous airspace that channels moister away & accelerates drying behind the exterior siding, reducing the chances of rot & toxic mold growth.

The Mortairvent® Mortar Deflection & Ventilation System is a full cavity wall product used to reduce the overall cavity width in ventilated wall assemblies. Mortairvent® combines the benefits of rain screen technology through the use of integrated mortar deflection, drainage and ventilation design. Mortairvent® does not allow mortar blockage in the cavity wall drainage plane due to the heat bonded filter fabric. This dedicated airspace allows proper drainage and convective drying. Mortairvent® is available in .40 in (10mm), .80 in (20mm), and 1.6 in (40mm) thicknesses.

• Improves the overall performance of the entire cavity wall assembly
• Reduced continuous airspace expedites moisture drainage and drying
• Mortar deflection fabric layer provides a dedicated airspace for ventilation and convective drying
• Lightweight and easy to install between brick ties. Pro vides simple one-step installation as brickwork is completed
• Mold & mildew resistant
• Contributes to LEED points

The Power Tool Store is happy to now be able to provide this invaluable product to it's clients. Stop in, call at 920-336-7440 or email us at for more information and pricing.

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