New JET Planer Accessories

JET 15" Planer Roller Table
Maximize your efficiency with the JET 15" Planer Roller Table for your JET 15" Planer (JWP-15B or JWP-15HH). The galvanized aluminum table and square steel tube support legs give the support you need when returning large boards for multiple passes. Double steel rollers move boards along for faster and smoother repeat passes. The JET 15" Planer Roller Table easily bolts to the machine. Adjustable glides allow for leveling the table.

JET Carbide
Two-Sided Helical Inserts (10 ct.)


JET Carbide Two-Sided Helical Style Inserts are an instant upgrade to the JET 13" Benchtop Planer. Carbide lasts longer, creating more economy in planing. A 30% reduction in vibration over traditional high speed steel. The JET 13" Planer cutter head is incredibly easy to change out blades, simply remove the dust chute to access the cutterhead.

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